Careers at schlaeger


Meine Karriere bei schlaeger? Ich bin sozusagen im Unternehmen groß geworden. Hier habe ich  meine Ausbildung zum Verfahrensmechaniker gemacht und dann den Industriemeister. Inzwischen trage ich die Führungsverantwortung für über 80 Mitarbeiter.



What we offer

schlaeger offers all the advantages of an innovative, medium-sized company with flat hierarchies: quick, unbureaucratic decision-making processes, a good working environment and secure, future-oriented jobs. Every employee thinks entrepreneurially and acts independently using common sense. Finding the solution is always the focus in our young team, not the position in the hierarchy. Continuous improvement in all areas is the goal. We place great emphasis on quality, order and cleanliness. On the one hand, this means that everyone is responsible for quality and that every mistake should only happen once – if at all. But this also creates a clean, orderly and pleasant working environment.

What we expect from you

If you want to be part of the schlaeger team, you should be creative, committed and, most importantly, you should love technology. Punctuality, reliability and quality awareness are other factors that are important no matter what your job is, but they are especially critical in manufacturing since our production runs 24/7. With three shifts, it is essential that the transition from one shift to the next is seamless.


We offer excursions as an excellent way to get students excited about technology. Guided tours of the company are complemented by a presentation on the relevant focus topic to teach business administration students more about “Corporate culture at medium-sized companies”, engineers about “Quality and technology” and school students everything about their training and career opportunities at schlaeger. We have also held small workshops in the past where participants get to see theory put into practice.