Custom Fabrication for Special Requirements

385+ highly-trained employees produce reliable, high-quality assemblies and coils for major global companies and suppliers in state-of-the-art mini-factories. Our specialists know our customers’ requirements and develop custom-tailored solutions to satisfy these.

The flexibility, decades of experience and highly-specialized knowledge of schlaeger employees ensure a consistently high level of quality standards in production and guarantee reliable delivery. schlaeger is a trusted partner that creates a stable and sophisticated environment for a partnership with customers and suppliers characterized by long-term collaboration, precise planning, fast implementation and a high degree of flexibility.

The future in sight: Training and environmental campaign

schlaeger believes that investments in the future are what make globally successful companies so successful. And this is why our family-run business focuses specifically on the promotion of qualified young professionals, offering them excellent prospects and development opportunities with in-depth training programs. In fact, 95% of these young adults are hired on after they complete their training. The future of schlaeger is also green: We rely on certified eco-friendly logistics for our deliveries. schlaeger is committed to the reduction of CO2 based on “lean & green” principles that lower costs, protect the environment and make employees aware of what they can do to help.

Six great reasons to work with schlaeger

  • 385 highly-trained employees, 13-member development team
  • Development of customized solutions
  • Consistently high level of quality standards and reliable delivery
  • Precise planning, fast implementation and a high degree of flexibility
  • Eco-friendly, efficient production and logistics
  • Promotion of qualified young professionals

State-of-the-art, high-tech production at schlaeger