Our customized logistics satisfy all customer requirements – whether overseas shipping with one-way packaging, component-specific blister packs, or delivery to clean rooms.



Global logistics

schlaeger delivers its high-quality products to the entire world – when, where and how our customers want to receive them. We ship over 250 EURO pallets per week. We transfer everything to forwarding companies – 98% according to customer specifications – selected service providers for overseas shipping or milk run systems. Together with trusted partners, we ensure that everything runs smoothly. As a “known consignor” with approval according to Regulation (EC) no. 300/2008, schlaeger is able to get its products to customers very quickly.

Logistics – connected to customers

We stay in constant contact with our customers via online platforms. We develop flexible logistics solutions to meet the needs of our customers with consignment warehouses, kanban release systems or supermarket connections. This enables us to respond quickly to changing customer demands. Our internal communication channels are short and, thanks to the division into mini-factories, every hall delivers nearly directly and independently to their customers.