Product Development


I never thought that this idea – developed together with our customer twelve years ago – would be produced in so many variants and subsequent generations over such a long period.


Product Developer

schlaeger has an excellent global reputation because it is a leader in core technologies such as injection molding, insert/outsert technology and assembly. Our product development is perfectly tuned to the needs of our customers: Rapid prototyping, an error-free pilot phase, lean small-series production or automated mass production – whatever it takes to get your desired result.

Development services

As a development partner, we work together with our customers to create an overall concept for both assemblies and all component parts. It doesn’t matter how far along the project is: Whether you need technology adaptations from a basic concept, provide a pencil sketch or supply concepts with detailed installation space diagrams – we are extremely flexible. This is something our customers from medical engineering, automotive and industrial technology fields greatly appreciate.

We use the following tools and technologies in product development:

  • ProEngineer 3D CAD
  • Internal/external calculations and simulations (mold flow, strength, magnetic fields)
  • Tolerance analysis
  • Rapid prototyping and sample tools
  • Development and integration of purchased parts


We are experts in the field of actuators and sensors and in the production of precision plastic parts made using micro injection molding techniques or from complex composites. The products we develop and manufacture must satisfy a wide range of requirements:

  • High functional density with limited space
  • Special quality requirements, such as delivery to clean rooms and high precision
  • Technical conditions such as (ambient) temperature, media tightness or insulation properties
  • Integration of unknown suppliers at the customer’s request
  • High complexity, for example large numbers of component parts, different materials or thin wall thicknesses
  • Extreme ruggedness and durability, e.g. for use in engine compartments
  • Long life cycles of individual products

Simultaneous engineering (SE)

Process-oriented development and parallel design of production systems lead to scalable solutions that meet all our customers’ requirements. And we think in terms of variants and series from the very start; we understand “series” as overall responsibility for the product and know that the cornerstone is laid in the development stage. We plan for multiple variants in product development and incorporate these in a product family. This enable us to respond quickly and flexibly to customer demands and changes.