We want to satisfy each and every customer. And we achieve this with our high degree of flexibility in production.


Production Manager

Whether small-series production > 50,000 units or mass production with millions of units – we produce top-quality products thanks to our advanced tool development and toolmaking departments, modern machinery and highly-qualified team. Our production is always in motion – like the 24 Hours of Le Mans or a race at Nürburgring.

Individual production facilities work autonomously within clear, lean structures and processes. Close-knit teams work in these independent mini-factories and are responsible for all tasks from order receipt and production to logistics. And your direct contacts are also the persons responsible for the project.

This is an important step in the production flow that schlaeger had already taken before there was even a name for it. Real-time sequencing of manufacturing steps in multi-stage processes is what makes us so flexible. We can quickly and easily switch over to a different variant, and we keep costs low thanks to optimized stock inventory management and the efficient use of resources.

Order and cleanliness in the workplace is more than just having a comfortable working environment. Smooth three-shift operations would not be possible without it. With this in mind, we have defined standards for both our offices and production facilities – and we verify compliance with these standards on a regular basis.


schlaeger serves customers with clean room production in the field of actuator technology. For many products, our in-house production with encapsulated, all-electric injection molding machines and GMP-approved assembly cells already operates at a high level of cleanliness and is inspected by a certified laboratory. We work with suppliers who can meet clean room requirements. Cleanliness requirements are increasing everywhere, which is why we place special emphasis on cleanliness analyses in processes.