Technologies for Mechatronics and Plastics Engineering

schlaeger doesn’t make standard products. All of our products are 100% custom made – this also applies to the processes and machines we use to manufacture them.

Process Developer


Process and product development work together very closely at schlaeger. The first prototype is manufactured based on the draft design provided by product development. Each process step is replicated with manual devices, e.g. winding, welding, bending and stamping. We use this experience to derive the processes for the later series production and the specifications for tools and molds.

What we can do for you:

  • Design engineering and test setups (mechanical and electrical)
  • Process window determination
  • Transfer to standardized series stations
  • Scalable automation levels from proven system partners
  • Project engineering for large-scale production systems
  • Safe Launch: safe transition to series production with more stringent testing of parts and the manufacturing process

schlaeger works together with long-standing partners in the development of systems and machines. We take over project management for our customers and coordinate everything with all participants throughout the entire process. These partnerships are very advantageous, especially in the production of subsequent generations. We think in variants from the outset, and plan the processes accordingly.


We are prepared for any and all quantity, ramp-up and end-of-production scenarios. Our strengths comprise many powerful skills and capabilities:

Electrical contact technology

  • Resistance welding, hot staking, strap, sleeve and thermocompression methods
  • Automated soldering with stripping systems

Injection molding

  • Vertical and horizontal injection molding machines with manual loading
  • Rotary table SGM up to 1,500 kN
  • All-electric micro injection molding to 0.01 g
  • Insert and outsert technology with full hot runner systems
  • Fully and partially-automated production modules with follow-up operations

Assembly and joining technology

  • Laser welding and scanner systems
  • Injection grouting and caulking – force-displacement monitored

Winding technology

  • Highly integrated production lines with > 25 workstations
  • 4-18 spindle winding machines
  • Wire diameter of 0.05-1.0 mm in all coating classes
  • Manual load winding machines

Testing technologies and labeling methods

  • Electrical testing procedures for R, L, Q
  • Surge voltage (100%)
  • Needle marking, laser and ink jet systems
  • In-house final inspection modules and tracing concepts