schlaeger obtains major order for e-mobility with global delivery scope

Just a few weeks ago, the Bayreuth-based company closed its largest single order in its nearly 65-year history:

"In less than 14 months, we successfully completed our first in-house development in the field of thermo-management of an electric motor for water pumps from sample to proven series design." explains Anton Fuchs, CTO (Chief Technology Officer).


With a total value exceeding 100 million euros, this order sets several significant milestones for schlaeger:


  • Stability for employees: Securing jobs in the ever-changing automotive market at our Bayreuth location.
  • Promising growth opportunities in the thermo-management sector, resulting in new jobs and a continued high rate of apprenticeships.
  • Over 50% revenue share in electromobility components by 2027.
  • Deepening mechatronic specialization by expanding core competencies in electric motors, specifically in the two active components, the stator and rotor.
  • High potential for further development and follow-up orders in this rapidly growing market.


"This success is the result of our evolution: we have remained loyal to our raw materials of plastic, copper, and iron. But besides magnet assemblies the products now are more complex stators, and rotors," confirms Ulrich Küchler, CFO (Chief Financial Officer). "We achieved this milestone through our own efforts, with our employees quickly adapting to new requirements and driving innovation. This makes us immensely proud and satisfied."


Over the past three years, schlaeger has successfully acquired a significant new customer each year, providing confidence in the company's technological expertise, development capabilities, and partnerships to compete on a global scale in mechatronics. This growth is owed to the exceptionally high quality standards upheld by each employee. As a testament to this commitment, schlaeger delivers to more than 15 globally recognized customers with a field quality rate of less than 0.02 PPM (20 defective parts per billion delivered components). For over 50 years, schlaeger represents outstanding quality in global competition, ensuring long-term stability at our Bayreuth production site.


The recent developments also benefit regional partnerships:


The most valuable purchased components are sourced from suppliers in Franconia.

Machinery investments are made in Germany/Europe, with global procurement limited to essential components. Thus, schlaeger's success creates added value for the region.

Remaining true to its commitment to resource efficiency, schlaeger is investing in the most energy-efficient machinery ever planned and procured for this new order. Simultaneously, the company continuously enhances its energy management techniques and increasingly relies on non-fossil energy sources. Furthermore component recovery and recycling within internal material cycles have been integral to the production concept.


schlaeger - an owner-managed mid-sized company in Upper Franconia, which upholds its values of responsibility, stability, competence, and innovation.

engineered & produced in Bayreuth

engineered & produced in Bayreuth, Germany

schlaeger Bayreuth production for stators & rotors

On similar production lines, schlaeger will manufacture stators and rotors for e-mobility starting in 2025