Modular Solenoid Sctuator Construction Kit

Application: Pinch valve

The modular solenoid actuator construction kit (MMBK) is characterized by both its standardization and flexibility to meet specific customer requirements. The basic kit consists of three solenoid sizes that can be adapted according to the electrical requirements and the solenoid stroke to create a large number of variants. A wide range of options such as 12 V or 24 V power supply or strokes in the range of 0.50 to 7.0 mm can be realized with little effort. Other custom adaptations (electrical connection, assembly concept, valve designs) are possible. Tell us what your requirements are and we will supply you with the right solenoid or your custom specific solenoid valve.

Modular Solenoid Sctuator Construction Kit

schlaeger’s modular solenoid actuator construction kit (MMBK) bridges the gap between specific customer requests & requirements and an economic solution using standardized components. It creates assemblies with different connections, assembly options and much more. Use the schlaeger solenoid actuator construction kit to build your pinch valve or solenoid.

Possible application areas

  • Health care industry
  • Food & beverage industry
  • Measurement and control technology
  • Chemical process engineering
  • Analysis technology

Other adaptations to meet customer specifications such as special sizes, force/stroke-characteristic adjustments, adjustments to predetermined hose, etc. on request.